Contributing to the preservation of the Lakota culture and language; and the healing of the people

Pine Ridge and other Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Reservations are the deadliest places to live in America, with Pine Ridge having the lowest life expectancy in the Western Hemisphere, except for Haiti.

Oceti Wakan was created to help heal a community disproportionally impacted by illness, addiction, dismal economics conditions & historical trauma.

We are working to nurture the organic healing within and learn to walk in balance – Wolakota – a foundational cultural belief. To this end, we have developed a systematic K-12 prevention curriculum for optimal health and wellness using the sacred tool of the medicine wheel to educate, develop, and nurture equally the four aspects of a human being – we might also refer to them as our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies. Oceti Wakan serves the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota and other indigenous communities and is dedicated to healing and restoring traditional values which are rooted in the knowledge of our Ancestors. – Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations)

Oceti Wakan serves the Indigenous American Community with programs and resources created to nurture healing and promote wellness


Our K-12 Life Skills Prevention Curriculum is thoughtfully designed to establish a Lakota, Dakota, or Native American identity and promote overall well-being.


Prevention Courses aim at instilling Lakota values to serve as a protective shield against life’s challenges and guiding lights that empower individuals to navigate their life path wisely.

Lakota Language Resources

Discover our comprehensive collection of resources aimed at preserving and revitalizing the Lakota language:

  • ‘Lakota Language Workbook/CD – Book One, Book Two’ – Developed as supplements to any Lakota language program, these workbooks and CDs offer comprehensive support for language learners.
  • ‘Guiding Your Child in Speaking the Lakota Language – Year 1, 2 & 3 Books/CDs’ – Facilitate the sharing of Lakota language with your children at home or in school language programs with these accessible books and CDs.
  • ‘Lakota Language Book/CD’ – Ideal for beginners, this manual provides common everyday conversational phrases in Lakota, along with sacred songs for participation in the Inipi (purification) ceremony.”

Supporting Local Artists

The mission of Oceti Wakan promotes understanding and healing through the celebration of culture and spirituality that connects us to Unci Maka. Through the arts, we are tethered to our ancestors who preserved the song and dance, traditional techniques, symbolism, form, and design. We honor this tradition by highlighting the work of area artists whose art is available for sale.

For Our Relatives In Jail

Navigating skillfully through topics such as breaking the cycle of addiction and codependence, understanding grief and loss, and discovering one’s innate purpose in life, this course provides a comprehensive framework for personal growth and transformation.

Lakota Culture

Explore the rich heritage of Lakota culture through our curated selection of Books and CDs.

Serving the Pine Ridge Community since 1989

Initially conceived by Petaga Yuha Mani (Pete Catches Sr.) and Zintkala Oyate (Peter Catches) to provide healing and transformation for the Lakota Nation. Today its vision and mission has grown to serve the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota and Indigenous Plains communities. Today thousands of students now engage with its transformative curriculum.

Oceti Wakan has created a revolutionary educational model which offers invaluable resources for all who seek to connect with traditional values and spirituality. We extend a warm invitation to join us in our endeavors!

We can only use life colors and can only do good with the use of our power. We can not do something bad in the name of good. Our medicine would be destroyed. It is only to be used to help the people.”-Petaga Yuha Mani (Pete Catches Sr.)

“OCETI WAKAN” translated means “Sacred Fireplace.” The founders envisioned a place (Healing Center) infused with the sacred rights of our people” – Founded by 37th and 38th Generation Lakota Medicine Men Petaga Yuha Mani (Pete Catches Sr.) and his son Zintkala Oyate (Pete Catches Sr. and Peter Catches).

“I see a place where people can come together to heal…“-Zintkala Oyate (Peter Catches)