Teacher's Manual - Book 5

Teacher's Manual - Book 5


 Each of these Teacher's Manuals (available for Books 3, 4 and 5 but will soon be available for books 6 and 7) contains a wealth of resources for teaching this Wellness course. Each is close to 1,000 pages (two - 3" 3-ring notebooks per manual). Some of the invaluable resources for each lesson include:

1. The concept, essential questions, the objective/purpose and outcomes that we are striving to teach in each lesson has been identified for the teacher for each lesson.

2. Vocabulary exercises to increase the students’ language and knowledge in Book 3 and 4.

3. Mapping of important points in each lesson, helping the student gain more insight into them while identifying the important parts of the lesson.

4. Several different teachers’ strategies and activities are included in each lesson that will help integrate the lessons.

5. Ancestors’ stories (chosen from 250 that we have collected) are matched to each lesson along with discussion points, as well as questions with answers.

6. An assessment for each lesson along with guides to evaluate what impact the lessons are having on their students.

7. Everything in this manual is available on a jump drive so that teachers can put any document on the white board to go over or to be copied for the student. With these resources, a teacher does not need a cultural or health education to teach the class. Please note: a school must purchase a hard copy to get jump drives for their teachers.

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