Parents' Handbook

Parents' Handbook


     We created this Parents’ Handbook to enable parents to support their child in developing important life skills, making healthy choices, and navigating the Red Road of Life. In this handbook, we introduce them to the concept of seeing themselves and their children as having four bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual and mental) that all need to be in balance to live their best life. We include selections from writings from early Lakota authors on raising children, as well as ten ancestors’ stories to share in the old Lakota way. We help them in the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, depression, suicide, as well as identifying risky behaviors they see in their children and how to respond to them. We address discipline, self-esteem, living in a cycle of addiction, setting and enforcing boundaries, consequences, what to expect, discipline, good habits and more. We share five calming/communicating and trauma recovery techniques to use with the whole family as well, and much more. 

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Oceti Wakan is a non profit organization on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.


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