Learning Prevention Using Lakota Values - secondary

Learning Prevention Using Lakota Values - secondary

 ‘Learning Prevention Using Lakota Values - Secondary’

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An alcohol/drug prevention workbook for 5th grade to high school students on many lifeskill tools from the wisdom of old, the Lakota, and newest tools today. It is a holistic approach to giving a student the tools to make healthier choices before they get addicted. This is culturally based in Lakota (Sioux) but any child would benefit from this workbook. Part One is exploring Lakota values and the importance of developing virtues and values. Part Two are tools to know yourself emotionally, your fears, tools to resolve conflicts, and more. Part Three offers an education on what alcohol and drugs do to your body. Part Four is the most important and offers tools of prevention from a spiritual approach. Any successful treatment program has always had a spiritual approach, so it only made sense that this would be true to prevention also.
Learning Prevention Using Lakota Values - secondary


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