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'Sacred Fireplace' was long awaited by those who knew of Pete Catches, his work as a healer and renown for bringing the Lakota Sundance back out into the open in the early 1960's. This is a new Edition and improved. In this book, he shares some of his life and how he tried not to be a medicine man. After having a sacred dream, he ran away from it for 16 years, until he felt he would die unless he enacted it. This brought him into this spirituality and to become the 37th generation Spotted Eagle medicine man for his people. In this book, Pete goes into great detail into the first four of the Seven Sacred Rites given to the Lakota from a Spotted Eagle View: the Sweat Lodge, the Pipe Fast which many know as the vision quest, the Sundance, and the Making of a Relative. He also shares some beautiful Lakota legends.


Zintkala Oyate is a 38th generation Lakota medicine man, a keeper of the Spotted Eagle Way. He has conducted the Spotted Eagle Sundance for 44 consecutive years near his home on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Share his journey into his spirtual search and some of his songs of love thru his poetry and prose.


Zintkala Oyate goes into detail on the timeless symbolism behind each of the seven sacred rites given to the Lakota from the Spotted Eagle View. This helps one understand their timeless spiritual truths that help one find health and happiness.



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