Peter V. Catches (Zintkala Oyate)

Peter V. Catches (Zintkala Oyate)

Peter V. Catches (Zintkala Oyate) has put on and conducted the Spotted Eagle Sundance for the past forty years; the longest running sundance in Lakota country. He has conducted over 55 sundances. He has spent his life creating educational materials to preserve the Lakota language and culture.
They include six language language books and CDs; a CD on the timeless symbolism behind the seven sacred rites given to the Lakota people from the Spotted Eagle view especially for our young people; he co-authored his father’s book, ‘Sacred Fireplace - The Life & Teachings of a 37th Generation Lakota Medicine man;’ he co-authored with his wife, Cindy, two alcohol/drug prevention workbooks (primary & for secondary schools) called, ‘Learning Prevention Using Lakota Values;’ a book of poetry of his love of the Great Mystery called ‘Realities Within;’ and is now working with his wife developing seven years of curriculum (2nd grade to 8th grade) life skills for the young Lakota called, ‘Woohitaka Mani Yo (Walk Forward in Bravery) using a medicine wheel approach. He and his wife have developed a successful Lakota Language Program that has broken the barrier that our young people have had in speaking to each other in the Lakota language.


22 January 2015


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