Zintkala Oyate, a founder of Oceti Wakan, has conducted 40 continuous years of the Spotted Eagle Sundance, the longest running in Lakota country. He has spoken in colleges and universities across the country on the timeless symbolism of the Seven Sacred Rites of the Lakota from  Spotted Eagle View and the importance of saving the Lakota language, as it is the very heart of the Lakota culture.

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We welcome you to visit this website to explore our vision of a healing center that will include an educational center on the Lakota culture and language, the teachings of virtues and the timeless Lakota values for our children, parenting classes, talking circles, prevention tools for alcohol and drug abuse, life skill tools, drumming and Lakota arts and crafts, and a community center to be the heart of our community.

First step of a Wellness Center

Zintkala Oyate putting prayer and tobacco

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Canteyuke – “To have a heart”

Generosity (Canteyuke) – “To have a heart” is the literal translation of this Lakota word which is a timeless virtue residing in the heart. True generosity has always been encouraged and exemplified in Lakota society while accumulating material possessions was greatly discouraged. As our Earth Mother gives everything, we should in turn do the same. True generosity embodies love and the understanding of impermanence.

Bringing the hope to children who wouldn’t have it otherwise.

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Oceti Wakan is a non profit organization on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.


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